Get Involved

Get involved 
Let’s Unite and make this Movement, y(our) Movement of Hope. 
There are many great ways you can get involved and support global change:

Join us: sign your name and become part of the Movement of Hope. Leaving your name, email address and country is the crucial first step to create the largest global movement seeking global change. 

Share your dream: on our site, and you may wish to share your dream and topics more widely with your friends and family to inspire and encourage more people to join our Movement. The more people we are, the more power we will have to create change. 

Local meetings: soon, we will invite everyone to come together in worldwide Movement of Hope gatherings to share inspiration and generate the feelings of togetherness. You/we are not doing this alone. We will have peaceful, silent gatherings, with inspiring conversations, sharing ideas of how we want the world to be. First these will be monthly meetings, and maybe weekly later. These meetings can be in person, or on-line.  

Raise awareness: however you are called to action, go for it. Use our logo and feel free to do your thing! As long as the purpose is to Let’s Unite, then get creative and inspire those around you. You could share your dream with friends, organise a meeting, or rent a market stall! Together, Let’s Unite to create the largest Movement of Hope possible. This is a Movement for everyone. We invite you to do things your way, in freedom. We believe in you! Go for it!

Marketing Identity

Our brand colour 
Violet is our colour – the colour of spirituality; the energy of red with the calm of blue combine to create violet, a colour that inspires reflection and self-awareness. It is the colour of the sensitive, compassionate intuitive soul. 

Our logo
We are working on our logo, a symbol for hope. This could be for example, a pigeon with a twig. A pigeon/dove represents love and peace – but we are open to suggestions.