Off-Line Ideas


Let’s unite and make this project your project. Some of you will support us in the form of email, while others may go farther to communicate dreams or topics to inspire and help raise the number. Whatever you feel, go for it !
We invite you to do things your way in freedom. No end of editorial about nothing.
Soon, we will invite everyone to gather together once a month for inspiration.We make our project your project. Next to asking to join us just by your mail-address some of you might communicate their dreams or topics to inspire and  inspire to rise the number.
We invite you to do things your way in freedom. We believe in you ! We believe in trust !
No end of editorial about nothing.

Green will be the color, the color of hope, nature and the heart. Embraced by Muslims and Christians, an inspiration of the ALL feeling. We are working on a logo: a symbol for hope is f.i. the pigeon with a twig, but we are open for suggestions.

Weekly or monthly worldwide movement gatherings to create the feeling that we are together, not doing it alone. Peaceful, silent gatherings for a fair and healthy world, inspiring to take responsibility, step-by-step, each in our own way.

Share your dream with friends, organize a meeting, rent a market stand or however you’re called to action. Take the logo from our site and feel free to do your thing!
As long as it covers the idea UNITE FOR ALL, feel free to inspire and work on it.