1970’s European Model which we could copy partly and in where we could add someTax Reforms and some visionary ideas by: 
Noah Harari

Thomas Pikkety
 Rutger Bregman
Anand Giridharada
* Guardian
* Common Dreams
* World’s Richest People List

Beg for Limitarianism, where we are pleading for already for decades, without knowing this is gonna be the name for it, is a new political movement, about limits in income, possession and wealth plus heritage.

Millionaires and Billionaires themselves apply for higher taxes : A group of the rich elite understand already that change is needed and are calling for an international tax reform. This is a hopeful start to a wider action from the rich elite listening to the needs of the world. This CNBC article describes their actions. 

Philosopher Charles Eisenstein explains how polarisation is the biggest crisis in the world today based on the story of separation. However, he is hopeful referring to real examples of a new world rising.

Brightvibes : While most mainstream media daily cover events that contribute to the story of separation, there are a growing number of new media that amplify the good in the world sharing news of real change from all over the world.

Different Religions coming together : Religion is often part of the story of separation. However, there are also hopeful developments. This video with the world’s most prominent religious leaders is a great inspiration.

Business for a better world : We see real change in business too. A fast growing number of businesses are fully focussed on contributing to a better world, creating positive impact. Like this global network of more than 3,000 social enterprises.

Cities of Light Meditation : Every month people in more than 1,000 living rooms around the world gather to share an hour of silence. In cities with regular meditation sessions there is measurably less crime and more creativity, flow and wellbeing.

The Down to Earth movie reveals the deep wisdom of the oldest indigenous communities on the planet and its power to transform lives. The Earth Keepers show us that together we can create a new world.

“Polarization is an universal problem. All around the world, populism is used to divide and rule. But I believe we can turn this trend upside down.” These words came from a politician who won the local elections with ‘Radical Love’.


  • Extinction Rebellion : Active in 56 countries, mobilising the population to stand up against environmental abuse.
  • Avaaz. org : + 55 million members in a petition action movement, they have become the globe’s largest and most powerful online activist network.
  • The Occupy Movement : Hundreds of millions were fighting social injustice.