The founders got inspired by a visit of the Dalai Lama in The Netherlands.
The Dutch were more often involved in new initiatives. The Dalai Lama requested us to start a movement about compassion, love and togetherness for the people and the planet. A healthy, fair planet, with chances for all.

Let’s Unite is the only organisations, different as all the others which doesn’t protest, doesn’t give the solutions, doesn’t exclude anybody, is completely transparant, got no second agenda about data and power and .. is a platform where everybody can feel equal and get the same chance to vote and create a one world voice.

The only thing we achieve is to bring you, left wing, right wing, whatever religion race, age or gender together as one voice.

We invite you all to inspire the world and everybody can add or choose topics to inspire and advise the establishment to change the planet, now the old system doesn’t seem to work anymore, because the wealth is not divided equally, the population is growing and technology and artificial intelligence takes over jobs. So differences in welfare become bigger and bigger. Today 50% belongs to about 50 people.
This is the reason most of the people are suffering, the reason we need a reset. We abuse democratic models as local democratic models to keep the majority of the world’s population outsiee.. That’s not what democracy is about …
We don’t are a protest movement. We try to become the katalysator for what’s happening in the world. More awareness ! All ode us care more and more about nature, environment and the people. We only want to connect you. We create a list of topics to inspire politicians, world leaders, captains of industry and invite them to work out a new system, what works.


  • Extinction Rebellion
  • Avaaz. org ; + 52 millions in a petition action movement, who ached already a lot.
  • The Occupy Movement : Hunderds of millions were fighting social injustice.


  • Every radical shift for the world starts with a dream. By Mahatma Gandhi
  • By dreaming a dream together we create a new reality. By John Lennon
  • When many people dream the same dreams they manifest themselves. By Martin Luther King