Dutch Program in the Seventies

In the Seventies the Dutch System was very social and donated for all Dutch a life in dignity.
Why could this happen in Holland ? And.. Could Holland be a guide country for this again ?
It could happen because hippies in those days were inspiring by talking about a new world about love and sharing. Many Dutch and Politicians embraced some ideas.
The Dutch those days were overall well educated, open minded, aware, conscious, tolerant in religion, culture and also stubborn enough not to follow mainstream and worldwide politics. They introduced yoga, meditation, vegetarian food. They got together to avoid neutron bombs, to be aware about nucleair power, totalitair regimes and found rights for being boss in your own womb for women, legalised soft drugs and deliberated sexuality etcetera. Later on also the Dutch became part of Europe, it’s standards and we lost a lot of tolerance. The hippies started families, lost the focus for the big changes and lived their life like everybody last decades. The hippies are about retired now, but still know their ideals.
This brings me to the idea we have a chance t get there again.
It seems to be in our gens to be a guide country as we can see out of our history, as well as for the bad as for the good. This ex hippy, baby boom generation is the richest, most healthy one ever. They are energetic and ready for change. Together with the new, powerful generations now they might be able to transform the world…..

Spiritual essays say you need a small number of conscious people of the whole society for real change….

What was the Seventies Dutch System about ?

– They got an unconditional base income for all, enough related on housing, food, culture, holiday, trips and entertainment, with discounts at museums, galleries, transportation, average entrances for students, elder people and low incomes.
– They supplied free eduction including base income for students, free medical help, extra budget for artists once they produced, not needing to make commercial art, needing to sell, support for many foundations and united groups of people in the field of culture, art, education and other pillars where a civilised society is build on.

Then ; Let’s Unite Online started as “I have a dream too”, after the Dalai Lama tried to inspire the people in Amsterdam, to start a new world, with compassion and love, away from the greed.
He remembered the Dutch are very critical, well educated, pretty open minded and powerful, who were the pioneers and founders of important cravings in the world, for the bad and for the good. Also the Dutch infra structure and location is good for efficiency.
This could be the time to start again something the world would follow and bring the world love and harmony.

If we could adept parts of the Dutch Seventies Social System, work it out for a worldwide program, money wise supplied by a new social, progressive tax system, from 1% up to 100% for over 1 million a year and the people until average income not pay any tax at all anymore, we might get close to utopia.

Once Holland dares to start a pilot, back to the basic Seventies Idea, in a Modern Way, potential for Worldwide application we could be inspiring for the world and .. survive, even become more powerful in the future.

Applying for such a Dutch Statement might look risky, and, indeed, might cost in the beginning but could be very inspiring and even in economic way better. As nowadays there is a certificate for reliable foundations Holland could become a qualify mark for reliable, sustainable, fair brands, when they just allow fair incorporations and companies, who are willing to pay fair tax as well, instead of the recent, even encouraged by governments, tax avoiding mentality. In this case they can compete, as they do nowadays, but for the consument in an unclear way, and mention themselves really social, sustainable and green.

to inspire the rest of the world to follow us.

The dot NL url, or a new one, could become a quality url for the world. Most would love to pay even a bit more when it’s sure the money goes fair around and not to undemocratic billionaires.

In the end, the only way the system we are talking about will work forever is globally.
Locally it didn’t succeed because too many people got attracted to the system and Holland is too small. Also European, more conservative, rules frustrated Dutch free, social rules in many ways, allowed by the next, less social, Dutch Government.

I hope Holland dares to start and become the only reliable online source for the world….and many corporations, brands and countries to follow.

Extra info :
– It could have an enormous impact once we dare to make Holland the quality brand in the field, where many companies already about 15 years are competing, being green etcetera.
( = Would companies try to involve to show they are straight forward ? )
– What if we dare to a allow only honest commercials for health, sustainable companies and incorporations ? ( =Would the rest of the world check our listing to feel safe ? )
– What if we dare to stop not to compete in interesting tax propositions for big companies, trying to seduce them to come for jobs but we communicate we only want our wel educated people involved in sustainable, fair, healthy incorporations and companies for the future generations ? ( Would polluting and unfair ones leave the country but will fair ones come to show the world who they are ? ) 
– What if we only allow commercials in Dutch television, radio, newspapers, magazines about healthy, sustainable, fair products ? ( = In this way we have a healthier population and can compete also viruses and don’t need lock downs 
– What if we don’t follow European standards in communicating about which percent wool is in “100% wool” but mention the real percentage ? (= The world will check our meters and standards for reliable info )
-What if we communicate the world like we expect the world will be through the eyes of a youngster, expecting the government takes care of you ? ( =Our population would feel really safe and not seduced for unhealthy info )
– What if we don’t allow billionaires anymore in our country ? ( =We make a statement because we can see worldwide billionaires bring us an undemocratic system and we are dependent on their moves, even not being sure what’s conspiracy plans and what not if it comes to manipulation and population reducing and trying to make part of it modern slaves)
– What if we change tax systems into a fair progressive tax system, where the stronger shoulders carry, in stead of more than the weaker, all the costs ? ( = We can take away a lot of worrying and work when we don’t take any tax from people until a standard, average income.
– What if the whole world got free medication, eduction, shelter, food to live a dignity life ?
( People will behave more in togetherness, love, solidarity and sharing
– What if we could guaranty nobody needs to worry about being able paying the bills for a dignified human life? ( people would be able to choose a job according their talents or preferences and out of love in stead of out of chance to get the best salary or income.

A new morality would bring us to a world where all can live in dignity and allow all to make/take more but ask in that case for a fair contribution to keep dignity, what is civilisation, alive for all what’s alive o the planet.

UTOPIA ?! No Way !

We might getting close once we copy the Dutch Seventies System for a Future World like that. We might only need to improve on tax systems, commercials and communication, maybe a mentioned above.