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Dreams and Topics about a future for our planet and all what’s on it.

John Lennon / Imagine :
You may think I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one. I hope one day you will join us, and the world willl be as ONE.

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  1. Shelter, Food, Free Health Care & Dignity for All
    ( No starvation out of hunger, and treatable diseases, shelter for all, Free Medicines /  / Pharmaceutic Industry Exit /  Food Solutions / Vegan / Exit Bio Industry / Exit Genetic Manipulation Monsanto  )
  2. Avoid Environmental Abuse
    ( Climate / Air Pollution / CO2 Problem / Engines on Hydrogen 
  3. Welfare Sharing
    ( Base Income in combination with a Limited Top Income and Maximise of Posession / Quality of Life Improvement )
  4. Free Education
    ( Limited Hours in a Job via Artificial Intelligence and less bureaucratic systems and control )

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Dream 1. Greta Thunberg  Inspiring Swedish Girl of 15 years old, representing the youth in the world.


Dream 2. Jane Goodall

Dream 3. Marianne Williams


Dream 4. Phillip Wollen

Dream 5. Julia Robberts

Dream 6. Harrison Ford

Dream 7. KC / Casey Godrie, Butterfly Entrepreneur, Inspirator, Healer, Marketing and Content Creation.

In my dream, we live on a healthy, sustainable planet in love, peace and respect to each other, where natural sources and welfare are accessible to all.
In my dream, we eliminate poverty by creating an economy/location related universal base income, and for every breadwinner and company, and …. we apply an upper limit.

We should reward everybody participating in our system with f.i. double base income and could reward further on according the capitalist system, so we maintain the notion of creating more privilege. Unlike in years past, social workers, healthcare workers, cleaners, teachers etc should finally be rewarded in a fair way.
In my dream, we invite you—including the few richest families, politicians and world leaders—to find a solution to make our common dream a reality. Once maximum income and profit limits are introduced to private income earning, corporations, other larger companies and the like, which would cover about 95% of regular private incomes, I would ask them how it’s working for them. In this way, only 5% of the highest private incomes and companies are limited, controlled and regulated. Nothing changes for all other private income because everyone will continue to pay recent taxes. If those with moderate income desire an ability to give extra support, we could create a donation based commitment.  The 5% we limit will remain on top amongst the highest incomes, but the extreme highs will disappear. A buffer would be allowed for companies and corporation to conduct research and afford development and innovation. After this amount, 100% is taxed to discourage market domination.
This creates space for new companies to enter the market and encourages everyone to continue stimulating local economy.

Later on, and after reaching the limit, this may encourage entrepreneurs to invest in what else may benefit in saving the planet so we end up focused on sustainable solutions instead of greed, where digital money may work best to avoid cheating, corruption and to keep things transparent.
This might later on, after reaching the limit, also encourage entrepreneurs to invest in, for them, second best what mostly is saving the planet. So we end up in focus on sustainable solutions in stead of greed. Digital money might work the best to keep things transparant and avoid cheating and corruption.
In my dream society takes over pharmaceutic industry, medical provision, public transport, education and whole-heartedly supports cultural art-related project.
In my dream all individuals should be able to thrive with ample shelter, food, drink, education and medical care.
In my dream, money is less important. I would even prefer a world without it, yet still in my personal dream, everything remains money related as it is the catalyst for change from within today’s source of opportunity.I only suggest digital money—no bank involvement—as a means for real transparency. Plus, when you don’t use the money, it should increase in stead of getting interest out of it.
In my dream there is an enormous number of dreamers who come together once a month with hope and common focus to inspire and find ways to help the world out of its pain.

In the end, if we first don’t succeed with the reasonable question to save the world,
I would persist and ask the few families again to try and find a way by our and their ideas, if necessary even by force. For example, we could check the income sources of the wealthiest people and refuse to use them as best we can.

Side effects of my dream might be:

  • Overpopulation: The need to create larger families where younger generations are looking to reduce the individual responsibility load in looking after their elders
    Open frontiers : When income is economy related and chances to earn are created everywhere, we unlock freedom through open-frontiers. The provision of free education, medical care and boundless opportunity for all will help conserve the planet and liberate its inhabitants. Boundaries don’t limit you, they set you free
  • Environment : Once a current secondary issue—like the future of the world for one’s children—is brought into the forefront, smart business people may be naturally discouraged from reaching the point of income limitation.
  • Open Frontiers :
  • When income is economy related and chances to earn are created everywhere, we unlock freedom through open-frontiers. The provision of free education, medical care and boundless opportunity for all will help conserve the planet and liberate its inhabitants. Boundaries don’t limit you, they set you free.
  • Security Compounds: When everyone has their basic needs met, there is less reason to create segregated compounds of wealthy people living behind security gates.
  • Health: When we take care of the health of the entire world, we won’t have concern about diseases from poor countries with less medical care crossing borders.
  • Trash: Today, we make deals to dump our poison, rubbish and nuclear trash in underprivileged and developing countries because they need the deal for the money. This will end, also because they will have the education and understand we can not make deals like this.

Dream 8. Tijn Touber, Writer, Musician, Spiritual Teacher, Inspirator, Co Founder

We dream about a world where everybody can live a bountiful peaceful life, full of love. Is this Utopia ? Maybe it is… but every radical shift for the world starts with a dream.
And dreams become true when they are communicated. A shared dream multiplies itself. In fact, it’s dreamers who create the world. That’s why the old shamans say  “We dream the world into being”.
This site is an invitation to leave your name out of commitment with our kind of dreams to inspire politicians and (world) leaders or to share your dream.
What does your dream for a better world look like ?
Which solutions would you choose to deliver the big issues ?
How do we keep the planet alive ? How do we feed all mouths ?
How do we eliminate poverty and all treatable diseases ? What does a better, fair planet look like ? How do we manage democracy…
Would we still vote & what about redistribution of wealth ? Do we still need money, digital  money or .. ? 
When more and more people start to dream the same dreams it’s just a matter of time until they manifest themselves. A dream we dream alone is just a dream, a dream we dream together is reality.

Dream 9. Steph Smith Translator of the Dutch text of Tijn into English

I dream that our natural ability and desire to combat climate change, disease & energy-efficiency is allowed to flow-freely. That governments and world leaders stop suppressing our creativity due to greed. That their agenda will no longer be to rule & fuel terror. That humanity may then truly progress and sustain Mother Earth in the same way she has so lovingly sustained us. One Love, One World.

Dream 10. Ellen van der Pol, Health scientist, research statistics & sources

My dream is that we wake up to our truth, take inspired action and take back our power. Nowadays, our human systems are unsustainable. But we are more powerful than we realize. We do create our own reality by our dreams, thoughts, feelings, desires, intentions, actions and beliefs. Therefore, we can also change the world by changing our viewpoints, of ourselves, each other, and the world. The key is to focus our energy on our dreams and on what we want to see in the world. It is what William James (American philosopher, 1842-1910) already said: ‘’the greatest revolution is the discovery that human beings, by changing their inner attitudes of their minds, can change the outer aspects of their lives’’. This change is the greatest gift that we can give to our future generations. My dream is a world where we make this shift from: 

  • A mindset of scarcity and fear to trust, abundance and love. 
  • Ego to ecosystems. Systems and technology work in our favor and ease our lives. 
  • Self-destruction of the planet to preservation of nature and indigenous wisdom.  
  • Linear to circular economy. 
  • Fossils to sustainable, renewable, free, unlimited, clean energy sources.
  • Fighting disease to prevention of disease and health promotion. 
  • Global to local communities and systems. From big cities to places where people live in smaller communities, in and with nature. There is abundance, welfare and technology but it is in balance with nature. The communities are able to create their own sustainable energy, nutritious food, clean air and water.
  • A more masculine society to equal balance between masculine & feminine energies.
  • Control to trust and a basic income for all. I believe that when our basic needs are fulfilled, we are naturally caring, loving, creative and inspired beings.
  • Commercialism and deceptive advertisements in trade, retail and consumption to open and fair trade and consumption.
  • Individual possessions to loan-systems.
  • Market forces to central systems in healthcare, energy and transport. 
  • Fake news to independent media, science and truth. 
  • Mass production and overconsumption to craftsmanship. 
  • Supply (overconsumption) to demand (custom-made; products with true quality and value).
  • Science guided by powerful stakeholders & multinationals to what truly improves the quality of life on the planet. Also free access to (scientific) knowledge. 
  • Devaluating older ages to active involvement and appreciation of the elderly. 

And a world where: 

  • We work together for the benefit of all beings.
  • We respect, accept and celebrate our differences in cultures, religions, genders and sexual preferences. 
  • We bring values as integrity, trust, equity, equality and freedom into our systems. 
  • We cooperate. We all have a unique gift to share on this earth so there is no need for competition.
  • We transform ourselves, our pain, our trauma and we learn from our history.
  • We remember that we are worthy, worthy of love and joy, and that this is our birthright.
  • We remember that we are so much more. That we are connected to the whole universe, that we are the universe and that we are abundant, infinite and powerful beings.  
  • We remember that we are all connected, we are one. It changes everything if we truly understand this.
  • We are connected to our hearts. We live, think, speak and act from an open mind, heart and will.  
  • We live to our own truth and alignment, and respect each other in this. 
  • We live from passion and inspiration. Creativity, art and self-expression are encouraged. 
  • We raise our children differently. In this world we know that every child lives an original inspiration. An inspiration that is unique to that child, an unique stream of energy through he/she will contribute to the community. In this community we know that this is the most precious thing that lives in a person: The original soul energy. The raising of children is aimed at developing this specific energy of the child.
  • We recognize that we are all students of life. The education of a human being begins at birth and continues throughout his life. We facilitate lifelong learning and know that we are all each other’s teachers and students. 
  • We live in sync with the rhythms of nature, the universal laws, seasons and the cycle of the moon. 
  • We are thankful for being alive. 
  • We create peaceful, healthy civilizations, where all beings live empowered, beautiful lives. All beings are able to develop themselves to their highest potential. A world where we can feel safe, secure, welcome and a sense of belonging.