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FOUNDER : Casey Godrie
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Spain: Ibiza- Punta Arabi
Holland: Amsterdam Canal Area , Bloemendaal- Amsterdam Beach , Breda Centre- Dok 19
Indonesia: Bali- Ubud
Brasil: Rio de Janeiro-Lagoa
USA: Nevada-Burning Man
South Africa: Cape Town-Africa Burn

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Let’s Unite Online is an initiative, since 2009 by
KC Godrie & Tijn Touber
Over the years supported by friends in research and ideas.
Special thanks to : Robbert Zoon, Ellen van der Pol, Steph Smith, Michiel de Gooijer, Michelle Sinclair, Myrthe Glasbergen

The idea is all of us, you and us, become the carriers of this site.
All of us feel it’s only about uniting, not about justifying in good or bad or any form of polarisation. We, the founders, just love to make a start-up and leave the rest to you.
No final editing, no influences, no control, no agendas, no advertisements or data power related advantages. Everything, including bank accounts, transparant.
One goal, to put the word together by all of you, to help to change it for the good.


Tijn Touber and Casey Godrie , the founders from first hour, got inspired by a visit of the Dalai Lama in The Netherlands in 2009. The Dalai Lama mentioned the Dutch were more often involved in new initiatives. The Dalai Lama requested us to start a Movement of Hope, about compassion, love and togetherness for the people and the planet. A healthy, fair planet, with chances for all. “I have a dream too” was born, changed some years later by name into We have a dream too and then in 2019  into Let’s Unite.

Let’s Unite is the only organisations, different as all the others which doesn’t protest, doesn’t exclude anybody, doesn’t deliver all solutions but invite everybody for new ideas, topics, dreams  and solutions, is completely transparant, got no second agenda about data and power and is a platform where everybody can feel equal and get the same chance to vote and create a one world voice.

The only thing we achieve is to bring you, left wing, right wing, whatever religion race, age or gender together as one voice

We invite you all to inspire the world and everybody can add or choose topics to inspire and advise the establishment to change the planet, now the old system, created when there was no internet, doesn’t seem to work anymore, because the wealth is not divided equally, the population is growing and technology and artificial intelligence takes over jobs. So differences in welfare become bigger and bigger. Today 50% belongs to about 50 people.
This is the reason most of the people are suffering, the reason we need a reset. We abuse democratic models as local democratic models to keep the majority of the world’s population outside.. That’s not what democracy is about …
We don’t are a protest movement. We try to become the katalysator for what’s happening in the world. More awareness ! All of us us care more and more about nature, environment and the people. We only want to connect you. We create a list of topics to inspire politicians, world leaders, captains of industry and invite them to work out a new system, what works.

Holland is a very wealthy, small, relative easy to manage, country, where is quite a lot of awareness.  A part of our dream was already realised in Holland before, in the eighties.
Then there was free medication, a good social basic income, help for homeless, supporting system for artists, free public transport for students, discounts for base income related people, free soft drug policy and more. The base income idea in those days was also on the program in the USA, during Nixon. He was applying for a universal base income. Discussion about the amount with democrats was the reason it failed. They also felt convinced since there are so many initiatives at that moment and still. They got no idea how many people are with them. It might be a very powerful amount. They got curious about it and know the power in the end belongs to the people, so why not to unite and beg for our common idea ?  In their dream it turns out in a way we live in respect, as one nation, to the planet and all species and take responsibility from the heart. and…. of course, different as in Holland before, on a global scale. 
As one we can do it, so let’s UNITE FOR ALL ! 

2009 – 2016 :  IHAVEADREAMTOO.COM  including solutions how to change the world.
2018 :  Name changed by Tijn & KC into WEHAVEADREAMTOO.ORG  
2019 : Robbert Zoon, an old friend of Tijn & KC, participating aa few months in the earlier project of Tijn and Casey, Mind The World, came back again on board and tried together with KC to make things more concrete and tried to work as a katalysator in the pretty slow project, because KC is always waiting for the right moment, waiting for flow. This was the moment he updated Tijn more frequent and Tijn decided to use his limited time and energy more in his own projects, mediation related, like Cities of Light ,  as he thought Robbert and KC were a new team to work out things. 
Robbert introduced a Dutch marketeer, who got rewarded by United Nations for bringing the most influence rich religious world leaders together. The three had an inspiring meeting in Amsterdam. The marketeer, who later on requested via Robbert to remove his name because involving his name might give not the right idea….., according his friend Robbert, in this meeting inspired Robbert and KC to change the name  and all together they decided to change the name into Let’s Unite Online.
The marketeer advised KC in the meeting not to mention his basic thoughts about how to divide the wealth different as it could give a feeling away from capitalistic ideas and should be a thing better to mention later on. Casey doesn’t believe in double agendas and especially not hidden agendas and thoughts. As Robbert Pikkety and Rutger Bregman KC believes in a new taxes system, in combination with a new morality.
A new morality overall but also the rich elite by facing them they take a too big part of the pie, different as they probably teach their kids to do when the real pie goes around to share.
So all input of the marketeer was the name, for the time being because in the same time we are still thinking and feeling and hope to find a better name, who gives the feeling it connects all of us. We want to make clear, also in the name, we loe to make it a concept from everybody for everybody, left, right, whatever gender, race with solutions delivered via Dreams / Topics out of a sort of enquête by you. You share your dreams and we rank your solutions and give all  the people the opportunity to help, to give themselves the biggest present ever. Robbert connected Bright Vibes, a network of about 15 million people, about Lets Unite and shared inputt of this  inspiring conversations.
For UK vision and improving text Michelle Sinclair, who won an award at the Red Cross about loneliness in the UK, changing the way their entire UK services operate and in the proces off raising them, joined.
2020 : In January Robberts & KC disagree about finances in the project. KC wasn’t ready yet to implant a paid job for Robbert in this concept and tried to convince him this is not the time as it should be a pure organisation by people, committing from the heart, no money involved. Robbers idea was we needed jobs for time of professionalism and decided from this moment to invest his time in other projects.

Casey reflected with may people and decided this moment use  to continue more his own way including mentioning what he thinks/knows what is the problem of the recent injustice out of dividing world’ wealth in unbalance. He already asked Robbert to try to get Rutger Bregman in our team. Almost never watching television KC saw, during some colder days in Ibiza, Bregman presenting a small gratis book about, sorry, in Dutch, climate change and the position of Holland in future by rising water, after he before got impressed about Rutger Bregmans speech in Davos, Swiss.
Rutger could put the finger on the sore spot to tell this charity community, and the world, they should take responsibility about paying fair taxes instead and not using their private jets, 1500 flew in, to get there.
So,  KC hopes to connect Rutger Bregman, who he in communication to Robbert qualified as somebody with a different vision, acting away from traditional strategies, which are often in concession to the current system and the super rich elite. This is exactly what KC feels is necessary.  
Together with people like this KC is very much in for any input, ideas, strategies. He doesn’t need, even prefer, any publicity about him or ego related feelings. He is very open for every change which might help us further to get the largest on-line community ever. Trying to help to move the planet a bit in the right direction is all he wants. To be continued 🙂 One Love