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An initiative, basically since 2013 by Tijn Touber & KC Godrie

The idea is you and us become the carriers of this site.
It’s only about uniting, not about justifying in good or bad.
We, the founders, just make a start-up and leave the rest to you.
No final editing, no influences, no control, no agendas.
Everything, including bank accounts, transparant.
One goal, to put the word together by all of you.

2013 – 2016 :  IHAVEADREAMTOO.COM  including solutions how to change the world.
2018 :  Name changed into WEHAVEADREAMTOO.ORG  
2019 : Name changed into Let’s Unite Online
A concept from everybody without solutions but open questions. You share your dreams and we rank your solutions and give all  the people the opportunity to help, to give themselves the biggest present ever.
2019 : Robbert Zoon, an old friend, participating in earlier projects of Tijn and Casey, involves and introduces Mark Woerde, marketeer, who got rewarded by United Nations for bringing the most influence rich religious world leaders together. Mark requested fo a name and concept which covers the message and inspired to change the name. Then ‘Unite for All’ with the subtitle ‘show the world the number we are’  originated. That’s where we are, still open for every change which might help us further to get the largest on-line community ever. Tijn requests for no polarisation at all and only talk about the UNITE ALL feeling, without exception. Together we decide to change the dreams from text and imagery into  into imagery only to make it more personal.
Now we’re getting closer, exchanging dreams for topics, asking for topics to rule the world together, according input and as a request to them who create the system. We are in contact with Bright Vibes, who also joins and inspire us etcetera ….. to be continued 🙂 One Love


First Inspiration ; Tijn & KC listen to the Dalai Lama in Amsterdam

Tijn Touber and KC Godrie got inspired by the words of the Dalai Lama.
The Dalai Lama told all it’s gonna be time to put the world together. He mentioned Holland has been a guide country for the world  before. Tijn and Kc
 decided to give it a try, out or their network, first small scale and later hopefully on larger scale. Since Holland is a very wealthy, small, relative easy to manage, country, where is quite a lot of awareness, they got the feeling they can at least to try to make a start. . 
Part of the dream was already realised in Holland before, locally, in the seventies.
Then there was free medication, a good social basic income, help for homeless, supporting system for artists, free public transport for students, discounts for base income related people, free soft drug policy and more. The base income in those days was also on the program in the USA, during Nixon. He was applying for a universal base income. Discussion about the amount with democrats was the reason it failed. They also felt convinced since there are so many initiatives at that moment and still. They got no idea how many people are with them. It might be a very powerful amount. They got curious about it and know the power in the end belongs to the people, so why not to unite and beg for our common idea ?  In their dream it turns out in a way we live in respect, as one nation, to the planet and all species and take responsibility from the heart. and…. of course, different as in Holland before, on a global scale. 
As one we can do it, so let’s UNITE FOR ALL ! 

Inspiring Meeting Tijn & KC  December 2018  
During a diner TIjn and Casey exchanged the impact of their experiences and feelings about helping people in very bad situations, recently in 2018, and came to the idea to share the blessed feeling they experienced by inviting everybody, who is able, to get into this super satisfied flow. Both of them recognised they started with the idea how much time, money and energy would be acceptable to help this people, Tijn to help refugees in Lesbos, Greece, Casey to help victims after liquefaction, earthquake and tsunami in Sulawesi. Afterwards both of them look back they never ever could have find a better investment in lifting their own quality of life. Everybody know the words helping gives satisfaction about self image etc. but  they experienced both of them once you are able to experience it for some longer time and make it your focus, away from daily routines, it changes life completely. Both of them are convinced that, also no-nonsens and rooted, people, reach a stage of a sort of enlightening once you experience you  know and feel you can make the difference for some people. Become part of it : You will feel extreme happy. We can promise you, you will feel extremely happy, better than ever before because you feel and trust soon we are gonna  leave this planet for next generations in a civilised, respectful way as you and we hope in this moment.

With the following newsletter, Tijn invites already the world, including the super rich, to join us, to bring all in the ultimate happiness by helping the world out of its sorrow.

Tijn’s news letter December 2018 :

The other day I was having dinner with my dear friend Casey Godrie. He told me that he had just returned from the island of Sulawesi where an earth quake and a tsunami had just hit. As Casey lives part time on the neighboring island of Bali, he felt compelled to help (he speaks the language and knows the culture).
It was very difficult to get into Sulawesi as only designated organizations were allowed in. Casey is however not one to follow rules and found a way to get into the country (via the Church of his wife). It turned out he was the only white man amongst the homeless, helpless and traumatized locals who had lost just about everything. 
Casey did whatever he could to alleviate the suffering. Sometimes he could help with money, buying food, plates, water, cutlery, etc. Most of the time all he could do was to just be there and listen. Casey, usually a colorful person to look at, stripped down to the bare necessities and became humble and non self-centered in the process. He forgot about himself and was completely there for others. 
This changed him. He felt almost enlightened and noticed that the light he was emitting also helped and inspired the people around him. His presence gave them hope. Casey experienced he was not just giving to others, but was actually receiving a huge gift from them. He felt elated. 
He came to understand that when you give of yourself, you do not lose anything. Quite the opposite, in fact. Whilst walking amongst the debris of wiped out villages, fallen trees and rotting corpses he remembered the Balinese saying: ‘When you die, you only take with you what you gave to others.’
When I was on the island of Lesbos a few months ago to be of service to refugees from Syria, Iran, Irak, Afghanistan and other places ravaged by war and totalitarian regimes, I also noticed that I was presented with a huge gift. I forgot about myself (my worries, anxieties, stuff) and was open to the people who confided in me and told me their heart breaking stories. Instead of feeling bogged down, I felt uplifted. These meetings were real, these feelings were real. Life was real. 
Isn’t it strange that circumstances of suffering and sorrow bring out the worst and the best in us? I have come to see that the disasters that are taking place on Earth are in fact an invitation for us to open our hearts. By embracing suffering and sorrow, we open ourselves to love and compassion. We heal ourselves and others in the process. 
Casey told me that just one percent the population of Earth now owns half of the resources. Seventy percent of the population lives in poverty and scarcity. Most of the problems we have are a direct consequence of this unbalance between the rich and the poor. 
So, we came up with a suggestion. What if all the people that are part of the one percent decide to give themselves the biggest present ever: a chance to be of service, a chance to open their hearts and find what they’ve been looking for all along: real richness, real affluence, real abundance and real safety? 
It’s a win/win situation for all of us on the planet and the only logical way to move forward. If the imbalance between the have’s and have-nots continues, there will come a time of revolt and revolution. The money system will collapse. It won’t be pretty. 
But we don’t have to let it come to that. We are no victims of life, we are creators! John Lennon said it: ‘War is over, if you want it.’ So, why not do the smart and sensible thing right now and begin sharing graciously with our fellow human beings? 
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of you, without any exceptions. Let’s really make this a new year, with a new outlook, a new demeanor, a new drive, a new way of being.