Unite :  Do you want to change the world, but feel powerless?
You’re in the right place because we will unite millions dreaming of a fair and healthy planet. We invite all to unite and to contribute, everybody in his/her own way.
With an amassed, united collective, we can inspire the 50 wealthiest and influence politicians and decision makers in order to create the biggest change in human history.

You only need to do one thing : join “The Counter of Hope” on our website.

WHO ? All. No one is excluded. You are not alone. We are one.
WHY ? To move forward to get somewhere.
WHEN ? Soon! When Africa is 3G or 4G connected.

The Counter of Hope : to show the world how many hope for a healthy fair planet.
One large community umbrella with Avaaz, Greenpeace, Amnesty, Unicef etc.

Inspired by The Occupy Movement and Avaaz.org concept Unite for All is founded.
The Occupy Movement has received sympathy from hundreds of millions already.
Avaaz.org  has connected 50+ million activists, who have already achieved a great deal.