We are a global movement bringing the largest number of people together who want global change. The bigger we are, the more power we have to influence and change the global system. It takes one minute to sign-up. 

Aim : Our aim is to ensure that the hopes and dreams of the world’s people are what shapes a new global system, away from the greed, power and corruption of the current political and corporate elite. 

How: We do not protest; we unite on-line to build the largest movement of hope/people-power globally. We promote the positive changes already happening in the world and ask everyone to share their ideas for a better world.
We show the global decision makers what we want to influence/demand change.
What do you want ? Sign-up on-line and share your hopes and dreams.
It only takes one minute to help change the world. 

Our planet looks like being soon on the brink of destruction.
Millions of people are living in extreme states of poverty and ill-health.
In Africa, Asia, USA, Europe, across the whole world. We see it everywhere.
Too many people dying too young, cannot afford to live, no healthcare, no food, no home, trapped in a system that doesn’t work. It’s on our doorstep.
We are all living into this system. The system that is created by the global corporate, political, financial institutions that rule our world. 

The system that is governed by just a few of the world’s richest and most powerful people. The system that billions of us live in, every day. This rich elite is taking an increasing share of our global income. What if we could change the system, what if we could change the attitudes and actions of the most rich and powerful people? The only way they will make a change is if we all come together and show the world leaders, politicians, corporations that we are joined up, connected.
That is how change is going to happen, real change. 

The idea is not to provide our individual solutions to the people who can make the change, instead we will inspire them with our dreams. Our dreams of how we want to live in the world and how we want the world to be. We believe another world is possible and this is the message we need to convey. We’ve had enough of living in this system which is built from fear. One dream is to live in a world free of fear, to live in a world where each person’s basic needs are met: healthcare, shelter, food, education, available to everyone. A world where we are not reliant on pharmaceuticals. Another dream is to live in a world which is not money or status driven, where there is a limited top income and a base income for everyone. Perhaps even limited possessions per person or corporation. 

Each of us has our own dream. We invite you to share your dream and we will create topic listings based on all of our dreams to share with the people who can make the change, so they can see what change we, as one world voice, want to happen.  

There is a better way for us all to live in the world and that must be leading. We must shift the balance from an economy based world system to one built on humanity and the environment. How do we do this? We ask the 50 wealthiest people to create a new system, their way. A system that creates a healthy world, where people have jobs not out of fear but from doing what they enjoy. 

The time is now as Artificial Intelligence and many other new technologies are replacing many jobs. And so, it is not possible to continue in the current and old system. A new system must be created, and it is up to us, all of us, to make sure the new system works for us all. 

It’s time to take back our power, our responsibility, together we can be the change. 

Leave your name, share your dream, and join us. 

One Voice, One World, One Love.