Let’s unite and stop supporting current destructive system in which about 90% of all assets is in the hands of billionaires via 3 investing corporations:
1. Blackrock Inc.

2. Vanguard Group Inc.

3. Berkshire Hathaway 

This are the main players in Media, Big Tech & Big Pharma. They are perfect in control and act in benefit of the 3 in a way they satisfy humanity just enough not to stand up.

Via media and social networks they choose to  inform des-inform and majority just follows and even brainwash many to follow regulations via WHO. They make money out of (unhealthy) food, tobacco etc. and make money again out of curing you. They force us into digital payment in benefit of their bank systems. Rumours tell about world population control and investing in land and working there on programs to create scarcity in manipulated food without seeds.

Let’s unite for reforms in benefit for future for humanity:
1. Let’s unite to elect politicians who embrace limitarianism: to put an upper limit on inheritance, income and wealth, plus to exempt people who live below average income from paying tax and then levying a progressive tax from there for them above. 
2. Let’s unite to try to pay more in cash. Digital money is in benefit of banks, who take a part of every transaction, and in favour of governments’ control.
3. Let’s unite to boycott online businesses of the richest when they engage in misconduct.
4. Let’s unite to consider to reform banks and governments by threatening them to stop paying taxes or mortgages en masse. When we are many, their sanctions will not work.
5. Let’s unite to achieve  the UN 2030 Targets, signed by 193 Countries  & +200 Million followers. 

For more inspiration check:
* 1970’s European Model to copy partly plus add some Tax Reforms and visionary ideas by: 
Noah Harari
, Thomas Pikkety,  Rutger Bregman & Anand Giridharada.
* Guardian
* Common Dreams
* World’s Richest People List

Founder: Butterfly or KC / Casey Godrie
who lives in: Ibiza / Amsterdam / Bali

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