Let’s unite online now to find ways to get rid of the contemporary system, being dependent on the integrity of entrepreneurs and the super elite…

About 90% of worlds’ economy belongs to 3 corporations: Blackrock, , Berkshire Hathaway and  50 Billionaires. Check The Guardian  Common Dreams & World’s Richest People List 2020. They make money out of supplying you (bad) food as well as out of curing you. Stress, fear, diseases, poverty and starvation is the result. They “educate” you to tell you you’re  incomplete to make sure you remain slaves of their system, in stead of rewarding you as beautiful independent, sovereign, souls…  

Let’s be or become healthy again and find ways to stop supporting recent system, based on capitalism, competition and dualism. Let’s tune into humanity, respect, health and new standards, based on the feminine elements sharing, caring, oneness, wholeness & inclusivity, LGBTQI to live in harmony, health, peace, love and freedom. Meditating and reflecting together are the keys to get there. 

A new world is 
not utopia. Check this  1970’s European Model, which we could partly copy plus add 
 Tax Reforms and visionary ideas by Harari, Pikkety, Bregman & Giridharada.

Let’s unite to get there also for UN 2030 Targets, signed by 193 Countries & +200 Million followers. Believe !! Go for it ! Together we can make it happen ! One Love !

   Let’s Unite Online, Sign and Share  !  


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