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Today, 50 billionaires own 50% of worlds wealth, while 2000 billionaires own 60%.
Like this we cannot run the world in a sustainable and fair way.

 Billionairesbecome richer and even more powerful than governments. They always seem to want more and are striving for more power and influence. Some of them are spending billions of the worlds’ treasures and wealth on projects of their choice/desire, which are not contributing to a sustainable society. This wealth could also be used to uplift all and end poverty plus world hunger. Society could choose how to spend worlds wealth, democratically, rather than individually.  On top of that these billionaires often cause fear and  polarisation among the population. Many of us question the motives and agenda by the involvement and funding of the pharmaceutical industry, research and experiments in genetic engineering plus control and influence on the media and WHO at the same time. 

One Political System of the 1970s was close to the society we desire and could serve as a role model , along with Tax reforms and ideas of  new-vision -economists  Harari, Pikkety, Bregman and Giridharada.

Now, let’s get together online and embrace the UN 2030 Targets, already supported by 193 Countries and +200 Million followers from diverse organisations worldwide..

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