Founder: Casey (KC) Godrie or Butterfly based in Ibiza / Bali / Amsterdam
Let’s Unite Online for a safe, healthy planet for all living things.  Let’s start to call for limits on income, inheritance and assets, based on the ideas within limitarianism.
Later on we plead for a society without money but with non-transferable
privileges, with lose their value the end of each year, what could be the solution to create a fair capitalistic model in stead of current capitalistic system, which is a corporate system.

Why do we need to reform ?
– Undemocratic corporations have  become more powerful than democratic governments.
– Trust is gone because of hidden power & money related agendas in all of our institutions, organisations, governments, and even between each other.
– Too many good initiatives don’t happen because of a lack of financial support.
– Huge amounts of money get stuck in tax friendly countries.

– Governments are often biased because of corporate influence in social issues.

– Billionaires start space, tech, and health initiatives without democratic consent.
– This system creates a shortage of money and keeps the majority in mental slavery.

Today about 90% of all assets is in the hands of just a few billionaires via:
1. Blackrock Inc.
2. Vanguard Group Inc.

3. Berkshire Hathaway

This situation is unhealthy and unwanted. Most of us see this is a dead end street but, whether we know it or not, still we support this system in which the majority of people are suffering. Why?
Many of us just don’t know we do or when we know we are afraid we cannot change it and/or are afraid to lose privileges, and so fall into cognitive dissonance without even realizing it. The current system is established to keep us in fear and shortage, via divide & conquer. This brings war & terrorism because this neo liberal capitalistic system needs unlimited growth, where greed and exploitation are the norms..

How the super-rich avoid us uniting and standing up:
They create fear of shortages, and satisfy most people with a salary that’s hardly enough to pay the bills. They make you referring to majority who lives under worse circumstances and control you via f.i. Media, Big Tech & Big Pharma by selecting what is information and dis-information. They use algorithms to divide us into separate silos of information. They advise us about WHO regulations & other propaganda, promote digital money as it benefits banks they own. They earn profits by selling unhealthy food, tobacco etc. and earn again by keeping you alive but sick in order to sell you medicine.They keep their defense and weapon industries booming via terrorism and war. Infiltrating local democracies, they find ways to act undemocratic and exclude the majority of the world’s population. We see it, we know it, but … end up in cognitive dissonance because they make us think we don’t have the power to change it.

Some ways how to reform step by step:
1. Help us to create more awareness to try to convince large organisations which already are on our side, like Greenpeace, Amnesty International, Oxfam Novib, who have huge networks, to get together not to fight the implications like they do now, but to go the roots: current corporate system, in which the world is ruled by money and power that comes with it.
2. Elect politicians who embrace
limitarianism to put an upper limit on assets, inheritance, income plus to exempt people who live below average income from paying tax at all and then levying a progressive tax from there up to 100% for the extreme rich to stimulate them to spend more time for a sustainable planet instead of stacking more billions.
3. Boycott online businesses of the richest when they engage in misconduct.
4. Pay more in cash. Digital money benefits banks taking percentages.
5. Consider to reform banks by threatening them to stop paying mortgages en masse. When we are many, their sanctions will not work. 

Ultimately, we advocate a world without money and open borders.
Let’s first get back to a social system that benefits already the 99,9% and cost them nothing, because only the 0,1% super -rich will pay, by embracing limitarianism.
In the end we could replace money with temporarily collectable non-tradable privileges. It could also be a sort of bitcoins, which devaluate yearly, to avoid stacking and creating power. Also it would be good to distribute those privileges based on a lack of capacity instead of on the basis of education and money related responsibility as we do now. Let’s start to embrace limitarianism and create more awareness. Then more and more will understand, unite and stand up and advocate for a good world to be proud of.

Sign & Unite for a serious voice and let’s stand for achieving the UN 2030 Targets, signed already by 193 Countries  & +200 Million followers.


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