Founder: Butterfly or Casey Godrie
Ibiza / Amsterdam / Bali

Let’s Unite and believe with many we’re able to get rid of current capitalistic system, which fails in many ways. First we need to pay more in cash. Then we should not accept regulations of governments or banks, who both are the puppets of the few corporations with all the billionaires. Better first feel and think if they are right and double check if the control it delivers is acceptable and how it influences this corporations. Know they are involved in purchasing land for food control by genetic manipulation, pharmaceutic industry, and news and check if they don’t take too much advantage out of the regulations. Unite here and/or in smaller cells all over the world and do it your way. 

We might need to boycott some of the 1% to make a statement and apply for a new, better fair system. What if we don’t pay taxes or mortgages anymore  temporarily… Their sanctions won’t work anymore..

A new world is not utopia. We can start to change current system, step by step, from today. Check this  1970’s European Model, which we could partly copy plus add  Tax Reforms and visionary ideas by Harari, Pikkety, Bregman & Giridharada.

FYI : About 90% of worlds’ economy belongs to 3 corporations: Blackrock , Berkshire Hathaway and 50 Billionaires. Check The Guardian  Common Dreams & World’s Richest People List 2020. They are involved almost everywhere, make money out of supplying you (unhealthy) food, tobacco etc. as well as out of curing you via Big Pharma. They create and communicate shortage for fear and “educate” you to tell you you’re  incomplete. In that way you remain in your weekly jobs as slaves, feeding their system of competition, dualism and polarisation. You feel blessed to survive and think you’re happy in the weekends, taking your alcohol and drugs to forget temporarily your problems by clouding your minds.
Wake up ! Be Aware, Live Healthy. 

Let’s unite to get there also for UN 2030 Targets, signed by 193 Countries & +200 Million followers. Believe !! Go for it ! Together we can make it happen ! One Love !

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